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"music influenced by the history and natural beauty of the North Florida woods and waterways."

Once Great Estate was formed in 2018 when singer/songwriter/guitarist Tracy Horenbein enlisted the help of four fellow multi-instrumentalists to form a band of Southern misfits. Bassist Jeffrey Chagnon, guitarist/mandolin player F. Matthew Burns, fiddle player/guitarist Christopher Ash, and drummer Steve Burke joined soon after. Although two of the members ended up being a Wyoming transplant and a New Yorker, the members varied and vast musical backgrounds melted together like butter on grits.

They have released one album, an EP, and 5 singles, and perform regularly around the southeast. Their releases have received critical acclaim, with one writer describing the band's Americana sound as "cinematic Southern rock".

Normally an electrified 5-piece, they occasionally perform quieter acoustic shows in more intimate listing rooms. Amped up or traditional, the heartfelt, thoughtful songwriting and musicianship come through in each performance. 

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