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"music influenced by the history and natural beauty of the North Florida woods and waterways."

Tracy Horenbein

Tracy is a multi-instrumentalist who sings and plays guitar in OGE. She has played guitar, bass, and drums in many bands over the years, and has toured and been featured on numerous albums ranging from punk, hip hop/neo-soul, post-rock, ambient, doom metal, to singer-songwriter. When not playing in friend's bands, she composes music for film and TV. She is a prolific songwriter, who co-runs the recording studio Indianhead Factory with her producer/engineer husband Chan.

F. Matthew Burns

Matt is a much sought after guitarist, with a long list of bands and collaborations on his musical resume. Gracefully flowing back and forth from frontman to sideman, he approaches music with both a casual grace and the precision of a tasteful scientist. Known for engineering his own boutique guitar pedals, amps, and custom guitar enhancements, Matt has a tone and style as unique as his sharp wit and colorful personality.

Jeffrey Chagnon

Jeff is a multi-instrumentalist, currently playing bass in OGE. He’s the only Northerner in the band, but also the musical theory expert, so we overlook his Yankee origins. Jeff is an accomplished composer of jazz and ambient music, who also performs with the experimental group Alien Hypnotist. When not adding the low end and occasional keys to OGE, he teaches the ancient art of predicting the weather and wonders why his head feels warm.

Steve Burke

Steve is a lifelong drummer and recently retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel. Originally from Wyoming, Steve has lived on the North Florida coast for over a decade. He loves the laid back lifestyle and friendliness of the community that surrounds the area. Having persevered through a devastating hurricane, he remains an eternal optimist. His strong work ethic and sense of adventure help Steve create and add an original flair to the band's rhythm section. 

Christopher Ash

Chris is a multi-instrumentalist who plays fiddle, guitar, and mandolin. Originally from West Virginia, he has lived in the Sunshine State long enough to claim "Florida Man" status. Chris has a natural gift for being able to make anything with strings sound good. A self-proclaimed "damn good whistler", he also adds vocal harmonies to OGE. When he's not playing a stringed instrument or singing, he spends his time as an artist doing graphic design and illustrations.