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"music influenced by the history and natural beauty of the North Florida woods and waterways."

Once Great Estate was formed in 2017 by award-winning songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Tracy Horenbein. The band features a rotating cast of Southern misfits who create a unique blend of  Americana straight from the North Florida woods. Their respect for traditional roots music combined with a love of experimentation has inspired references like "redneck Radiohead".

They have released one album, an EP, numerous singles, and perform regularly around the southeast. Their releases have received critical acclaim, with one writer describing the band's Americana sound as "cinematic Southern rock".

Normally electrified, they occasionally perform quieter acoustic shows in more intimate listing rooms. Amped up or traditional, the heartfelt, thoughtful songwriting and musicianship come through in their live performances.

The band is currently finishing up their second full-length album, "Goodbye Cody Scarp", due out in May 2024.

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